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Please pay attention to what you’re about to read on this page as it has power to double, triple or even quadruple your business in the next 90 days or less while spending the same amount of money (if not less) of your monthly marketing budget…

Evergreen Marketing was founded on basis to create marketing campaigns that stands the test of times while pulling in tons of customers to businesses month after month.

The company was founded after years of research on human psychology and what makes people to buy.

We are not a fly by night agency and not interested in using shiny hacks and tricks which cannot last to grow businesses like most agencies do.

We’re a result driven agency that focusses on increasing your ROI on each penny spend on marketing.

6 strategies that are responsible for the massive growth of businesses online.

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Market Research​

We perform an in-depth research for our clients to discover who their perfect customers are, their major pain points and where they congregate.

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Persuasive Message​

We craft a compelling message to speak specifically to those target audience detailing how your business is the perfect solution to solve their problems.

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Advanced Targeting​

We utilize advanced targeting features in most advertising platforms(e.g Facebook & Google) to target your perfect customers based on their Age, Interest, Job Titles, Net Worth and more. ​

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Converting Landing Page​

We setup a page where we drive tons of qualified prospects to and make them an irresistible offer they cannot refuse.

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Advanced Retargeting​

We are aware that not every website visitor will instantly take us up on our offer, so we follow them up with retargeting ads that has proven to convert.

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Leads Nurturing​

We help you setup an automated system which we use to build a database of qualified prospect and nurture them till they become paying customers.

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7 proven ways to explode sales in 90 days or less

7 Ways To Explode Sales In 90 Days or Less

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